Ideas for Wedding Table Centrepieces

When you’re putting together the tables for your wedding reception, it isn’t quite enough to simply find the right number of chairs, and ensure that there’s enough food and drink to go around; you’ll also need a few decorative flourishes to indicate to everyone that this isn’t any ordinary sit-down meal.

These decorative touches might include showy place mats and name tags, all in a style that’s in keeping with the rest of your wedding decorations. But typically the largest and most important decoration of all will be the one in the centre of the table: the centrepiece.

A table centrepiece can be shop-bought, but if you’re feeling creative, you can make one yourself for that extra personal touch. Let’s examine some popular choices of ideas for wedding table centrepieces.

Table number

Of course, as well as looking fantastic, your tables will need to indicate to your guests where they should sit. For this reason, you’ll need to assign numbers to each of your tables. But this number can be decorative as well as functional. Why not carve your numbers from wood, or inscribe them onto miniature chalkboards? There are many different ways to get the message across, and so coming up with a creative one shouldn’t be too taxing – but if you’re in need of inspiration, then be sure to take a look through this list from confetti daydreams.


Birdcages are popular decorative items at weddings. Until just a few decades ago, birdcages were also popular for actually caging birds, and all manner of beautiful and exotic shapes were crafted for them. Most people now prefer free-roaming cats and dogs to confined budgerigars, but the classic dome-shaped design lives on as a wedding table centrepiece. Traditionally, they’re white, which fits nicely with popular wedding colours, and they make an excellent holder for tea-lights and candles.

Flowers, confetti and petals

If you’re looking to inject a little bit of colour into your wedding tables, then a set of flowers might be exactly what’s called for. Match them up with the other flowers you’re using at your wedding, and you’ll have a nice consistent theme running through the entire day. If you feel like a set of flowers would dominate the table, then you might instead scatter a few petals across the centre. You might achieve the same job with confetti. If you’d like to save money, you can simply re-use the flowers from the ceremony – just get everything decorated while no-one’s looking.


If you’re looking to show appreciation for your guests, then a few choice gifts might be just the way to do it. If we’re talking about a centrepiece, then you’ll need something that isn’t going to be fought over, but which will still be fun at the table. A pyramid of small jars, each containing sweet stuff, might be what’s called for – your guests will be able to keep their jars when they’re finished!

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