How to Organise a Themed Party

If you’re thinking of throwing a party to mark a significant event – or perhaps just for the sake of throwing one – then a themed party might be just what’s required to make the occasion really special. But holding a theme party is something that requires a little planning. Let’s consider how we might go about it and how to organise a themed party.

What does a themed party mean?

A themed party does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a celebration whose every element is united by a single theme. A good example of this is a Halloween party, where everything must be spooky and kitsch. Simple!

How to choose a party theme

When you’re choosing a theme for your party, you’ll need to strike a balance between the strange and the familiar. In order to get your guests excited about your party, then you’ll want a theme that’s a little bit on the unusual side – but one that’s not so unusual that everyone who receives an invitation bemusedly asks Google for an explanation. Ideally, you’ll want your theme to be relevant to what’s being celebrated, the time of year, and the host – if it’s your birthday then making everyone dress up as something beginning with the initial of your names work really well e.g. if your name is George, then people could come as a the Grinch or the Green Lantern, or whatever!

When looking at the time of year to help choose your theme, think of cultural celebrations and popular culture too. If you’re having a party in December, you can run with a Christmas theme. Or if there is a big film release around the time of your party, such as  Star Wars, then a Star Wars theme doesn’t seem too random for people to understand the reason.

How to plan a themed party

Depending on how elaborate you’d like your themed party to be, you’ll need to do some preparation before sending out the invitations. Decide how far you’d like to go before you get started – since when you begin to jot down ideas, things can quickly spiral out of control! So-called ‘mission creep’ is a problem that’s thwarted even the best-laid plans – so be sure to keep yours under control. Start by composing a few lists, containing suitable music, foods, costume ideas and decorations. Establish a budget at the earliest planning stage, and stick to it.

How to design your party theme

While most people consider the term ‘theme party’ to be synonymous with the term ‘fancy dress’, the truth is that a theme can extend far beyond that. The music being played, the food being served, and the decorations can all help to create that consistent vibe that really makes the difference at a theme party.

If your theme is the 1920s golden age of jazz, for example, you’ll want to play swing music – perhaps with a contemporary twist so that your guests aren’t taken too far out of their comfort zone. It’s important, after all, that we introduce a theme where it will improve the party, rather than detract from it. A horror-themed party, for example, is unlikely to benefit from a discordant, nauseating soundtrack from a horror film or video game.

For a Christmas celebration, you’ll obviously want to decorate your home accordingly, play ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, and serve sweets with marzipan and spiced orange. At Christmas time, you’ll find the shops are packed to the rafters with suitable materials. But if your theme is a little more bespoke, you’ll be able to flex your creative muscles. What about a piracy-themed buffet, packed with scurvy-repelling citrus treats? Or a party based on a fictional universe, like Star Trek or Game of Thrones, where you serve versions of actual foods enjoyed by your favourite characters?

With a themed party, the possibilities really are endless – but so few of us are willing to really explore them. If you’d like to set your party apart, then, you’d do well to make it a themed one!




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