Why Sweets can be Perfect Wedding Favours

If you’re looking for party favours to give to your wedding guests, then you’ll find few better candidates than sweets. Your guests will love them – and during a wedding, they’ll feel more justified in indulging their collective sweet tooth. After all, occasions don’t come much more special than this one! Let’s take a look at more reasons why sweets can be perfect wedding favours.

Where did wedding favours come from?

Wedding favours are thought to have first come about in the form of a ‘bomboniere’, a small decorative trinket box containing sugar cubes, used by European aristocrats to demonstrate to their friends that they were wealthy enough to afford sugar. By the thirteenth century, however, sugar had become more affordable, and so almonds began to be used instead. It wasn’t long after this that some exceeding clever person put the two together, and the tradition of presenting guests with sugared almonds came to be. It was thought that the bitterness of a raw almond and the sweetness of sugar would represent the richer-for-poorer nature of the marriage to come – though modern couples tend to be a little more optimistic, and opt for entirely sweet things.

Which sweets to put in wedding favours?

If you’re putting together a selection of sweets for your wedding party favours, then you’ll want to choose the sort that your guests will enjoy eating. Fortunately, one of the key merits of putting out a lot of small sweets is that you’ll be able to provide a diversity of flavours to suit everybody. That way, you won’t need to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and have the minority of people who don’t like chocolate miss out. If your guests have quite specific tastes, then you can always allow them to choose their own sweets – that way no-one will be disappointed!

As well as being delicious, sweets can also be decorative. They can help to remind your guests whose wedding it is that they’re celebrating. So, if the groom is a keen golfer, we might have sweets shaped like golf balls, and if the bride is a dentist, we might instead enjoy miniature teeth. These sort of minor personal touches are what will help make your wedding distinct from every other wedding your guests have ever attended.

Alternative, cost-effective wedding favours

Cheap wedding favours often run the risk of seeming a little on the stingy side. But many couples will look to economise on their wedding favours. This is entirely understandable; if you’re going to buy small gifts for hundreds of people, then the costs can quickly escalate. But one needn’t spend an enormous amount in order to achieve great results – your guests won’t come to your wedding in order to receive gifts, but to celebrate your impending marriage. For this reason, novel party favours like sweet carts provide a way to repay your guests without making cutbacks elsewhere in your budget.

Personalised wedding favours

Like every other element of your wedding, your party favours should offer a little piece of your personality. Not just to help keep the whole event thematically consistent, but because a wedding should be a celebration of two people and their quirks. Naturally, this personalisation might be done to the sweets themselves – but you might also make changes to the way they’re packaged. Personalise each bag with of sweets with the significant details of the day itself, or the couple’s initials.

By treating your wedding favours to the same degree of personalisation as you did your invitations and other wedding stationary, you’ll be able to keep your day distinctive and memorable for everyone attending it. And isn’t that the point of a wedding favour in the first place?

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