How to Write Party Invitations

If you’re planning an incredible party, then you’ll need to invite your guests in suitably incredible fashion.  That’s where party invitations come in – physical ones that mark the occasion as more significant than the events that you’re only invited to via Facebook! Here’s our best tips and advice for how to write party invitations.

What should party invitations include?

Obviously, there are certain key pieces of information your guests will need to know if they’re going to attend:

  • Where and when the party will be held.
  • How guests will be expected to dress.
  • Some indication of how the invitation should be responded to.

This last feature will typically come in the form of an RSVP, which literally means (respondez s’il vous plait) to say either that the guest will or won’t be attending.  You might even want to include a special card in order to make responding even easier.

How to word party invitations

You’ll want to adjust the tone of your invitation according to the gravity of the situation.  If it’s an informal Hallowe’en party, then a series of spook-tacular puns might be in order.  If it’s a more formal occasion, like a fundraising dinner, then you might want to make things a little more sensible.  For weddings, the personal approach often works best – write from the heart, and then get some trustworthy and honest person to take a look before getting the invitations printed.

When should party invitations be sent?

You’ll want to send out invitations well in advance of the party itself.  If you’ve put a lot of planning into the occasion, then you’ll want to give your guests the maximum possible opportunity to sort out their schedules.  Moreover, you’ll want as accurate a picture as possible of how many people are going to attend, as this will allow you to plan the celebration more effectively.  There’s no point, after all, in ordering an extra buffet cart if there’ll be no-one there to enjoy it!

This is especially so for major celebrations like weddings, which are often held in a foreign country. Give your guests plenty of time to make the necessary travel arrangements.

How to reply to a party invitation

Of course, while penning an invitation is something that requires a little bit of thought, so too does replying to one.  Your reply must necessarily include one crucial piece of information – whether or not you’ll be attending.  But you’ll also want to convey your gratitude at having received the invitation (ideally in the very first sentence) and your delight at being able to attend, or regret at not being able to attend.  Where appropriate, close the reply with a ‘see you soon’.

How to make party invitations by hand

Nowadays, most of us organise our social lives entirely digitally.  But there’s still something to be said for the charm of sending out real, physical invitations.  By the same token, one might take things a stage further by crafting invitations by hand.  Not only will this result in more personal touch, but it’ll allow you to have a lot of fun along the way!

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